Friday, November 24, 2006

Wash Your Car - Tell a Friend !

Recently the UK saw National Car Wash Week

This event didn't really make the evening news, and as far as I am aware, nowhere held any street parties reminiscent of the Queens Silver Jubilee.

However given the explosion of useless and marketing-engineered "weeks" on offer in the calendar today, is there a proper criteria for what constitutes a proper "week"?

Maybe its if Clintons produce a range of cards ?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why men are better than women

At some point in their lives, most women will say:

"I'm trying to grow my hair"

Well, most men can seem to manage it without even trying.

Olympics Plans go over budget to control costs

From the BBC website

Ms Jowell told MPs:

"An additional cost of £400 million, not included in the original bid, is in order to fund the delivery partner whose overriding responsibility is to ensure the costs of the Games are kept on budget and that the timescales are kept."

You can't make this up..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Respected British Actress in Plastic Surgery Shocker!

Famous British actress Emma Thompson has clearly had more than a little plastic surgery according to the picture accompanying this article from the Times of India recently:

Will we next see the accomplished thesp appearing with Graham Norton on Celebrity come Dancing as she seeks to emulate the Baby Spice popstress Emma Bunton's career as well as looks?

Welsh Catering

This sign was prominently - and one presumes usefully - displayed in the cafeteria at a Tesco's in North Wales

Not a bus you want to be in..?

This bus company was taking tourists around Northen India:

If this were my tour company, I'd get off and walk ...