Sunday, March 25, 2007

Unsubtle - or is it just me ?

Monday March 19th 2007, Cricket World Cup Result:

India: 413-5 ( 50.0 overs )
Bermuda: 156 ( 43.1 overs )
India beat Bermuda by 257 runs

Tuesday 20th March:
The result is reported in the Times of India:

Is it just me, or is this headline (in India's largest broadsheet national paper) basically saying..
" Bermuda's Cricket Team ? We f----ed them up the ass! "

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Poor Quality Brand Name

Personally I would have thought that "Real Arabia" might have been the more obvious choice for something claiming to ne "Real Italian Expresso"
But thats just me.

Cheddar Cheese

This small piece of Cheddar Cheese, photographed in-situ in a retail outlet in New Delhi, appears to have come from the middle east, by the look of the arabic script on the packaging.

I guess this actually makes it "Jeddah Cheese"

It was that funny, really.

Its just you who has no sense of humour..

Kids Today - what are they up to?

This is a game for the popular handheld device, Nintendo DS .

It appears to be "Phoneix Wright - Ace Attourney"

What possible amusement can there be in being an Attorney? Imagine the onlg plane or car journey. Keep the kids quiet in the back as they busily check land registry entries and ensure tax record are correctly filed for a house purchase transaction, or maybe instigate divorce proceedings on behalf of a cuckolded wife? Rock and roll eh?

You can see why the Daily Mail thinks kids are all turning to glue sniffing and petty vandalism.
Maybe this game is supposed to help them see the consequences of crime - get an "ace" lawyer and you will probably get off scott free!

Then again, maybe not. The main character is called "Phoneix Wright" - which implies he is a "good" - in the "not evil" attorney, as well as presumably being "good" in the "thats why they call me "Ace!" " way. So, he's probably not even going to take a case he might lose - so you dont even get to defend gangsters in court, never mind go oon a cocaine fuelled killing spree after a particularly hard day in chambers....

What is the world coming to ?