Friday, March 06, 2009

The New Dyson Ball

The new Dysaon Ball vacuum cleaner advert is available to see below:

Now, this is of course very clever sounding stuff.

However last time I looked, most (well, in fact all) the rooms in my house were pretty much "square". Straight walls. 90 degree corners.

In fact, I've just gone and checked, and there is not a single curved wall or floor -based surface in the whole place.

So why is it a problem if my vacuum cleaner goes in straight lines?

Of course, its impossible to criticize Mr Dyson, as he is already recognised as a bona-fide British Genius.

But you do have to ask what sort of genius really...

Manufacturing a bagless vacuum cleaner is one thing.

But making one that is only really suitable for Lighthouse Keepers, and then persuading the rest of us that we simply MUST have one in our homes as well - now, that takes REAL genius!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Whats the point of this offer ?

Two for one on WD40 !!

Who needs TWO cans of WD40?

One can is enough to last a lifetime.

The only reason anyone owns two cans is because they lost one, needed to oil something, and then found the original can after they'd gone out and bought a new one.

Trying to sell two cans of WD40 as a special offer is like having a "buy one get one free" offer on artificial legs, but only redeemable against left legs.

Pay Toilets

Last week at Londons Charing Cross station I decided it would be a good idea to "spend a penny" before getting on a train.

However the toilets at Charing Cross have a cost to enter - which had just been raised to 30 pence (up from 20 pence before apparently). So spending a peny would cost me 30p - not great value really, especially in these times of economic hardship...

So, with this in mind for 30p I decided that - with the benefit of a copy of the evening paper - I should spend a little more time there than planned (aka " laying down a dead otter", curling one off) and so get better value from my investment in entrance money.

This seemed to make perfect sense at the time, however in retrospect this did strike me as being a somewhat worrying brand of logic.

Because taken to it's ultimate extent it probably meant that there must be a toilet-based price point at which I may feel compelled to upgrade the return on my investment from merely "spending a penny" up to engaging in George Michael"-style toilet based activities.