Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sewn Up Pockets On Mens Jackets

When you buy a new jacket the pockets are usually sewn up. This is apparently because the jacket will hang better, and therefore look better if the pockets are sealed.

You could argue that pockets that arent open, and a jacket - with pockets - that looks better without them, are both examples of products being sold that are not fit for purpose.

Imagine if the jacket logic was applied to cars for example

" yes sir, this Ferrari does have brakes, but we disabled them as it looks a lot better for the Ferrari brand if you don't brake for corners."

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Carpet Shop Sales

Every carpet shop in the country - and probably the world - works on the basis that huge day-glo signs in the window advertising


Now, I'm no expert but surely carpets are things that you buy erm, when
  1. your old one is worn out,
  2. you spilt something really bad on the last one
  3. you redecorate the house and the colour no longer fits
To my mind, none of these are really situations where the presence of a "SALE !!" is going to prompt you into action.

"Hey Brenda - there's a sale on at World of Carpets today s0 hurry up and chuck that glass of red wine on the floor over there pet!"

"50% off at Carpet Zone - stone me, thats fantastic AND unusual - get the roller out Kevin, I know we were going on a 2 week holiday to St Lucia, but this is just too good a chance to miss - we'll be redecorating the lounge this fortnight instead!"

And surely everyone in the world has realised that the sale runs for the best part of 365 days per year, so whats the point in offering the kind of call-to-action incentive to "buy now" that a wild sale represents anyway?

I suppose technically they must have a day or so where things aren't on sale, or they;d be nailed by trading standards for offering "made up discounts"... now, that must be a grim day for Mr Carpet Salesman mustn't it...?