Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andrei Arshavin

Zenit St Petersburg in-demand midfeild dynamo and playmaker Andrei Arshavin is attracting much interest from the top clubs around Europe at present following his match-winning displays for Russia in the recent European Championships.

However, its worth noting that his name does sound a lot like "Arse Shaving".

So whoever he ends up playing for needs to be careful which squad number they give him.

Imagine if its Chelsea, and they buy him to replace their midfield dynamo No4 Claude "that Makelele role" Makelele - which is entirely possible.

Each week when the team lineup is read out over your average dodgy premier league tannoy system, you may well hear....

"Cole arse shaving Essien"

(Ashley Cole - Chelsea No3, Micheal Essien, Chelsea No5)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Friends (the TV repeats)

There are 10 full series of the US sitcom "Friends"

The show is in near constant syndication around the world

Wherever you go , whatever time of day or night, switch on the TV and keep flicking - you will always find that one channel will be showing an episode of "Friends".

238 separate episodes were produced in total.

That means you could watch one every day and it would take you nearly 9 months to get through them all.

So why, whenever you flick onto any channel showing "Friends" anywhere in the world, is it always showing the episode where Ross dresses up as a potato and has a fight with Chandler - who is dressed as a pink rabbit ?