Saturday, May 13, 2006

For those "Must Have" Items...

The Windsor Sheraton & Towers Hotel in Bangalore offers a service to provide you with those little necessities that you may just have forgotten, or run out of on your travels.

They promise to be able to deliver all the following items to your room:

Now, most of these look pretty sensible. I have myself forgotten a razor, and a missing button creates a need for a sewing kit that otherwise would be unlikley to make it through airport security.

Plasters, Savlon & Dettol - I can envisage an urgent need for these items.

But.... an "entangling comb"?

Erm, no...

What bizzarre situation or contrived sequence of improbably events could possibly result in you suddenly - in the middle of the night perhaps - feeling a desparate need to have tangled and knotted hair?

I can't imagine of such an occurrence.

But - if you can, I certainly know a hotel where you should stay when visiting Bangalore

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