Friday, December 22, 2006

Andy Smith (21) 3-0 Shi Yongsheng (Chi)

This is a scoreline from the first round of the PDC World Darts tournament from the legendary Purfleet Tavern in Essex.

But behind the simple and stark "3-0" scoreline lies a sad and tragic tale.

For Shi Yongsheng is actually China's greatest living Darts player.

The Champion, the torch bearer, the King of this Noble Sport of Darts to a nation of over one Billion souls.

He has flown across the world to the high temple of arrowerary in fashionable Essex, and taken his place proudly, upholding the honour of his people, and representing the abilities of the great nation of China and its "Communism with a capitalist edge" system to produce some of the most successfu drug free sporting people the world has ever seen.

No doubt millions - nay, significant fractions of a Billion - will have been on tenderhooks watching and praying for their hero to overcome the forces of the West and do the entire nation proud.

And instead, he now has to face the long lonely journey home, and no doubt undergo many weeks of debreifing by party offficials, and a rigorous interrogation from the press, all of whom will be asking him the same, painful question.

"So, tell us how you got beat 3-0 by Andy "The Pieman" Smith then?"

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