Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, flamboyant president of Venezuela

Famous for his overly aggressive anti american imperialist rants, socialist liberator posturing - and / or authoritarian demagoguery. However with such a deliberately high profile, one must ask...

"Chávez" - hmmm - maybe he's trying a little tooo hard to draw attention from the fact his surname has the word "Chav" in it.

Fairly prominently.

Which one might imagine would rather undercut his credibility at the United Nations and OPEC Summits.

Bloke in Arab Headgear "So, I say we cut production by a million barrels a day!"

Mr Chavez "No, I think that is too much"

Other bloke in Arab Headgear " Why - your new Cortina a bit thirsty on the old petroleo is she"

Assorted OPEC Ministers "snigger, snigger"

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