Monday, September 24, 2007

Crap Weather in Britain

Tornadoes have caused widespread damage to homes and businesses across the UK as the country experiences a spate of freak weather.

They struck Hampshire, Bedfordshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

A tree came down near the Bucksford pub in Bucks Hill while in Trafford Drive, around 20 homes were damaged, a Warwickshire Police spokeswoman said.

Beryl Warburton, 79, a lollipop lady who lives on Trafford Drive, said the storm was "frightening" when it struck at about 6.15am.

She said: "Some of the houses have had their roofs taken off completely, some have lost parts of their roofs. One of them has got holes up there and water in their bedroom.

"One of my neighbours, their trampoline was blown over the garden fence and in to the council garages opposite."

I know its the job of news reporters to hype things up a little....

But frankly, it can;t have been all that bad if the best they could drag up was a 79 year old lollipop lady who was prepared to go on record as saying that it was "frightening".....?

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