Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coast 103.2

The latest in the Radio Stations with the Playlist From Hell series is Dubai's Coast 103.2

This amazing back-to-back sequence was on the early evening show

Yes, uber-contemporary Coldplay the darlings of the Wallpaper* reading classes, followed immediately by 80's cash-in tour refusenick and internet phenomenon Rick Astley.

Not so much a playlist, definately not a rickroll, more the sort of malfunction in a 200Gb iPods shuffle function that would make you throw it away.


Anonymous said...

What a great party!

The Coast supplied the 'cheese' and you supplied the 'whine'!

Maybe if you're lucky they might play some Johnny cash for you soon segued into Holiday by Madonna ;-)


Anonymous said...

OOh and I nearly forgot!

[url=]Best of Coldplay montage[/url]