Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Airport Shopping

Who decides what shops there are in airport waiting lounges?

I can understand Duty Free - cheap fags and booze, makes sense.

Bookshops, Newsagents - yes, something to read on the plane.

Souvenir shops selling t-shirts and mugs tastefully displaying skylines and maps of wherever you are leaving - yup, you forgot to buy that present for a loved one, but here is your salvation.

Sunglasses Hut - big tick!

World of Cameras? - yep, it fits.

But Luggage shops? Who decided they would be a good idea?

I can understand Chemists - "oops, I forgot to pack the aspirin", or "I need some new shaving gel".

But who gets to an airport and realizes they have forgotten their SUITCASE ???

"Oh - I've been carrying this big bundle of clothes around like a dork - I just knew I had forgotten something...",

"Hmmm - I did think it was a little weird how strangers kept chasing me and then handing me odd socks and bits of my own underwear"

"Well, she said do you have any cases to check in - I should have realised she meant me to check in their CONTENTS as well !"

Go Figure!

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