Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Portuguese Restaurant Soundtrack

The following songs are all available on the "Portuguese Restaurant Sounds, Part III"

"You Cod be Mine" - Guns & Roses
"Bacalhau (hau-hau, push pineapple shake the tree)" - Black Lace
"I Cod never take the Plaice of your Ham" - Prince
"Cod it be Magic?" - Take That (Cod, please..)
"With Cod on our Side" - Cod Dylan
"Bacalhau in the USSR" - The Beatles
"Oh My Cod" - Kaiser Chiefs
"Bacalhau for Good" - Take That (Cod again please...)
"Cod Only Knows" - The Beach Boys
"Police on my Bacalhau" - The Clash
"Milk & Alcohol (& Cod)" - Dr Feelcod
"Bacalhau Deep is Your Love?" - The Bee Gees
"Gimme Gimme Gimme" (a Cod after Midnight) - Abba
"Cod Vibrations" - The Beach Boys
"I Feel Cod" - James Brown Trout

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