Friday, February 10, 2006

10 Reasons Why I'm not a character in a British Soap Opera

1. I do go on holiday.
2. I am confident my future career will not involve changing my name and working as a policeman and/or a nurse/doctor and moving to either Holby City or London's Sun Hill district.
3. Were I to inexplicably disappear for several months, my friends might notice...
3.a. .....especially if it were during the pantomine season.
4. I watch TV.
5. I occasionally express opinions about things in the news.
6. I have never been involved in a car accident in which any of the vehicles involved have burst spectacuarly into flame.
7. When I am in a public space, I can almost always see at least 10 people I do not know or recognise.
8. If something exciting is clearly immenently going to happen to me, I rarely experience a 2-3 day delay until it does...
8.a. ....and it is never accompanied or preceeded immediately by strangely familiar music.
9. I can consult the weather forecast in todays paper and be reasonably confident it will be correct.
10. In my experience, snow at Christmas is not a guaranteed phenomenon

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