Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bad Jobs in The Guardian

The above story appeared in the "work" supplement of todays Guardian .

However the article also contained the rather shocking and disgusting information contained below


More are "in the pipeline"

Sewage engineers?

Well, I guess thats a logical place to find them.... I suppose..?

But, does it imply there is a sewage pipleline connecting Britain and Germany? If so, why have we not heard of it before? Makes the Channel Tunnel not seem quite such an impressive feat of engineering doesn't it?

A cursory Google search fails to reveal that the "Poo Pipeline" was part of some secret British Boffins whizz-bang scheme during WW2 - not quite as famous as the bouncing bomb or cracking the Enigma codes (and not quite as suitable for adaption into a film) but still a possible explanation ?

And, most importantly, which way does the Poo flow ? Is the pipeline actually being used to export Teutonic Turds to England as part of some evil European Union Conspiracy Theory ? Or is the flow the other way? Is there a hyper-efficient German Poo-processing system that Britain is paying fortunes to outsource our sewage treatment requirements to?

As the engineers are coming here, the first option seems most likley. Alert The Sun! Britain is being sent the overspill from the German Poo Mountain, fuelled by excessive intake of cabbage and sausages! And now, in an ironic twist, German sewage engineers are being smuggled into the UK country to deal with their own poo!!

Its a total mystery that for now remains unanswered.

However, one this is sure - any job that requires you to commute from Germany to England via a secret sub-sea WW2 vintage pipeline full of Bratwurst-fuelled poops certainly makes a job in sales not seem quite as bad ....

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