Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lakeland Plastics 2 - Return of Sliced Bread!

Hold The Front Page!

You don't want to pay £15.99 to slice your bread evenly?

Too Right!

But, secretly you wish you could sometimes cut bread (and Melba Toast) that little bit more neatly ?

Well Sir, its your lucky day!

Step right up.

Lakeland Plastics have just the thing for you !

Yes, Welcome to The "Adjust-a-Slice"

Undercutting the previous item by a massive £10.04 (enough for several loaves of unsliced bread on which to practice) this more basic model still achieves everything that you woudl wish for from a bread slice size management tool.

It even has a handy picture to show you how admirably it manages to deliver success with the two key (in fact, lets go the whole hog and say "classic") bread sizes

Both "thin" AND "thick"

And, best of all, it can even be used for Cold Meats !!

Proividing extra functionality unseen in the "Even Slice" - all at a fraction of the cost!

Why wait any longer?

Picket yoru local Tesco, Walmart of Sainsburys now and demand the end of useless investment in the provision of sliced bread (contributing to global warming no doubt).


The Adjust-a-Slice is here to save us all !


Prague sniper said...

You obviously don't work hard enough to realise that these tools are a godsend in the modern kitchen. I suppose you'll find some bitter and twisted thing to say about the fantastic hairbrush cleaner found in the Bedroom Buddies section of Lakeland Plastics (actually I found myself obscurely disappointed by the contents of this section...)!20719

We shall have to find out where you work and ask the management to put more pressure on you.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I have actually visited the huge Lakeland Limited flagship shop in Bowness, Cumbria. It is packed (admittedly along very wide-spaced isles) with kitchen gadgets you just know you want. Funnily enough, though, I've never bought anything there. Maybe I'm not in their target audience?

No, actually, I lie. Mrs Dr McC once bought a wasing ball full of crystals that supposedly ionised your washing or something and thus saved you squillions of pounds on washing powder. It didn't work.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

wasing ball??? I mean washing ball of course.