Friday, March 10, 2006

Perfect TV

TV is now a science.

Do the research, hold the focus groups, target the right demographic and you have a sure-fire, advertiser friendly hit on your hands.

But in a multi-channel universe, TV producers are finding it harder to come up with the blockbuster, "must watch" format capable of bringing together the many and varied special interest groups into one advertiser-friendly format.

So, with science now being applied, and commercial pressure rising, how long until we see the perfect catch-all TV programme, capable of attracting viewers from every part of the socio-economic and demographic spectrum?

Not too long

And it will be something like this....

A programme about a detective who is investigating a serial killer stalking a group of celebrity man eating Nazi dinosaur sharks whilst they are being forced to live together in an Egyptian Pyramid (that is getting a makeover from Jeremy Clarkson) as part of the preparation for a public-voted pop-singing competition that will be held at half time during a football match on a desert island.

Coming to a Screen near you soon....

tv pic nicked shamelessly from the fabulous

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