Sunday, April 23, 2006


Can I share a secret?

Promise not to tell ?

Futons: They are a bed - and a sofa. One piece of furniture, 2 uses. Magic !

Well maybe not.

The secret is they are actually crap as beds, AND crap as sofas.

Which must be fairly hard to do - to design something that COULD, and SHOULD be two things, but is actually useless as either.


Ms.B said...

I LOVE futons.

BEST thing ever!

Prague Sniper said...

What the Japanese have never admitted is that Futons were designed for shagging, a purpose for which they are excellent.

Don't you agree Ms. B?


Anonymous said...


Got a 10+ year old futon in my living room that is crap to sit on, crap to sleep on and CRAP to look at!

-Dave H in the U.S. (In search of Chavs the world round!)