Thursday, April 20, 2006

Man Breasts & Russian Hookers

Are you the sort of chappie who works out?

Who works out a LOT ?

But you know that its worth it, as it makes you look soooo gooood...?

Good enough to make it worth your while to shave your chest ?

Good enough that you feel that Anna Kournikova would fancy you - if you met her?

In fact, so sure of this that you think its only sensible to get in some practice at schmoozings the lovely Russian ladies ..... just so you are ready when she next wanders down your street ?

And because you are so sure, so you see no shame in "practicing" your "russian" (ahem) with those east european ladies who are always hanging around the bar of you local 5-star hotel ?

If this is the kind of cool sophisticated guy you are, we have just the item of clothing for you.

Ideal for showing off those lovely shaven pecs !

Proven to help pick up the shapely Eastern European ladies !
Yes - clothes from Charagh Din really does "Rocks!"