Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An Act you cannot afford to miss????

From the BBC (click here if you think I made this up)

"Guernsey is being visited by a touring company which involves more than 30 horses, dare-devil stunt riders and mythological beasts!

The 2006 production features the Spirit of the Horse quadrille display team, Arabian Stallions in the court of St Petersburg, Germany's favourite comedy horse, outstanding Spanish horsemen from Valencia and the re-creation of an equestrian act first performed two centuries ago."

Now, of course, the stand out act has to be: "Germany's Favourite Comedy Horse"

A description that begs many questions.
  • Why is the horse clearly not as popular in other Germanic-speaking countries such as Austria?
  • How many comedy horses are there in Germany for this one to have to claim to be the "favourite"?
  • Is there an act touring the world that bills itself as "Germany's Second favourite comedy horse"
  • Why has alternative horse comedy not yet taken hold in the Teutonic Equine world?
  • Can a horse legitimately do gags about sheep, cows and goats without being accused of racism?
  • Is there a thriving network of equine comedy clubs, held in stables all across the Bavarian countryside?
  • Or is the Horse-comedian a relatively new city-based phenomenon?
  • What night of the week is best for equine comedy?
  • Why do most comedy horses actually start out as teaching horses ?
  • Does a vet need to be in attendance at all equine comedy gigs, just so if an equine comedian gets a rough ride from the audience and is clearly dying on stage on stage, they are on hand to administer a mercy-killing shot to the head?
  • As the theatrical good luck cry of "break a leg" would, for a horse, actually equate to a death sentence, is there another well-wishing phrase used for equine comedy performers?
  • Does being "the favourite comedy horse" mean your career then takes off, probably into hosting daytime gameshows on satellite channels?
  • Horses are known for having large nostrils. So just how expensive would a comedy horse's coke habit be ?
  • What would heavy coke consumption do to a horses poo?
Click here for the full facts about the comedy horse.

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