Thursday, August 31, 2006

Country Folk - The New Liberals?

Here's a typical conversation you will have if you find yourself at the bar in any local quaint English country pub:

Normal Person: "Hello Landlord, I'd like a pint of your local Ale please"

Ruddy Cheeked Country Type at the bar (interrupting): "Ooo-aaarh. You're not from round these parts are you? On holiday are we?"

Normal Person: "Yes, we've just driven up from for the weekend"

Ruddy Cheeked Country Type: "Its all the fault of those Ar-abs and Immigrants coming here I tell you. I'd string 'em all up, me - String 'em all up I tell you, and I'd do it myself"

Normal Person: "Erm..."

Landlord: "Here's your pint. Thats tuppence ha'penny"

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