Friday, December 05, 2008

Global News

A man has been convicted of an indecent act with a horse on the island of Guernsey - a small semi-autonomous British dependency located off the coast of France.

With a population of just 50,000, local news on Guernsey is usually pretty, well, "local". However a trawl of Google News shows the story has been picked up by the local Guernsey press, a couple of UK newspapers - all of which you;d expect - but also Ghanaian TVs web news service, Australia's "Live News" website and a news website for Indians living in Thailand.

Given the connected, 24-hour multi-media globally ever present monster that is global TV and internet news and its voracious appetite for any sort of new content, it's simply mathematically unlikley that any story would be picked up and repeated by just 3 international networks.

And its even harder to see why this story has only been picked up by these particular three.

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

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