Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Motorway Service Stations

How come only miserable ugly people stop at motorway service stations? I know stopping at one is a soul destroying experience in itslf, but you stop on the M1, M6, M5, M40 - any service station you choose looks like it's turfing out time from the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Do rich, good looking people simply not need to pee as often? Maybe they just pay someone (a butler maybe?) to hold an empty champagne bottle for them to pee into whilst they carry on driving?

Or maybe there is a totally separate network of secret service startions with nice food and clean toilets that only good looking rich people get to stop in.

Perhaps thats what Works Unit Only signs aually mean? It's a secret code, only understandable by the great and the good?

But Service Stations are one of the few places in Britain you can be guaranteed of hearing the local accent. Thats because they are so god-forsaken that even East European Economic Migrants don't want to take the jobs on offer.

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