Monday, August 08, 2005

Is This Whats Wrong with Tony's Britain ?

An article on ex New Labour advisor Peter Hymans from The Guardian Saturday magazine, 27 Feb 2005. Click to see the article at full size.

In my world, having parents who were "a succesful publisher" and "a clinical psychologist" and send you to a fee paying school does not a middle class upbringing makes you as POSH as you like - in fact, probably only a couple of generations of inbreeding away from being a bona-fide member of the Royal family.

Get a grip!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe not, but if you were looking for signposts of a middle class upbringing, fee paying schools and parents that are into clinic publishing and succesful psycology are big ones.

Big signposts as in 20ft high, neon flashing, high kicking chorus line surounded, with a big bloke in a loud shirt with a megaphone shouting 'look at this signpost' sized signpost.

Assuming that someone went to a fee paying school is middle class? Whatever next? Assuming someone that keeps whippets, bases there sense of self worth on how many pies they can eat and puts gravy on there chips is from the north I suppose....

madaxeman said...

Sorry - obviously the "irony" italics were not on when I wrote it up.

To my mind, this upbringing has a 20 feet high neon sign saying "POSH TOSSER!!" - way above and beyond middle class ..

madaxeman said...

original post now edited to make it more obvious what I'm trying to say here!