Friday, August 12, 2005

Its Not Rocket Science!

The phrase "It's not Rocket Science" is a well used phrase, and implies that something is pretty easy.

This also means - as a contrast - anything "really difficult" IS "Rocket Science". Like what the nice peolpe at NASA do. Which makes them offically "Rocket Scientists"

Oh - NASA. Thats the same people who saw the last space shuttle burn up on re-entry 3 years ago isn't it, and then held a major inquiry into the causes?

And found that it was all down to a problem with the heat resistant tiles on the underside of the shuttle falling off?

And isn't that the same problem that happened again this time ?

And when it did, they had no plans, and no equipment on board to repair these same tiles - and they had to send a guy out with a pair of nail clippers to try and do a bit of basic DIY and fix it ?

"Rocket Scientists?" Give me a break....

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