Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anti-Chinese Protests

Britain and France have both been swept by a wave of anti Chinese protests in recent days, linked to the arrival of the 2010 Olympic Flame.

Now, speaking personally I would probably - if pushed - express a slight preference for Curry or Pizza. And I am quite partial to a Thai every now and then.

But even so, actually taking to the streets and protesting against Chinese seems to me to mean that someone is taking it all a bit far.

And particularly for the French to do so is even more bizzarre.

Whilst your average Chinese in France is probably a touch bland, Curries in France are uniformly atrocious - the French should get their priorities right and protest against Indian food if anything.

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Dalai Lama said...

Thank you for trivialising the long and painful struggle of my people.

Anyway, I'll let you into a secret. The protests are a cover for our true mission: we just have this really bad thing for Connie Huq.