Monday, April 21, 2008

Breakfast - why?

The British seem to the the only nation in Europe to favour the "full-English" style hot food fryup for breakfast.

The French occasionally heat up the odd croissant, but its hardly griddle-fresh bacon, sausage, eggs and a fried slice.

The Spanish may push the boat out with a touch of egg & potato based warm tortilla, but it's not "fried, scrambled, poached or boiled sir?" is it?

The Scandinavians basically have a platter of museli, and if they are feeling especially adventurous they spread it on some bread made from cardboard and museli.

But the most puzzling of all are the Germans. Becasue they are basically museli, with a bit of stale bread and - if you are lucky - a thin slice of processed ham and a marginally thicker slice of rubberized cheese.

For a nationality who's culinary approach to every other mean of the day seems to be "we'll have hot grilled, fried or boiled meat for starters, and mains, and desert, and we will have all three with a side order of hot boiled, griled or fried meat on the side please" how did they miss the possibility of a hot meat based breakfast?


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Clara Roft said...

The 'Full English' is a myth, except when consumed by fat sweaty English sales reps staying in hotels.

Or builders trying to eat off a hangover caused by too much ASDA lager.

Very few people bother with it at home.

I myself prefer a nice banana inside me every morning. Do you want to meet for a drink?