Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are Led Zeppelin Toast ?

Looking on for a new toaster (ours has broken) my eye was drawn to the Russell Hobbs 10617 Glass Toaster

I was attracted to the listing not for its innovative and unusual design

But because there were 22 (twenty two) customer reviews of it.

Thats two whole football teams (as of 27/4/08) of people who have a strong enough opinion about a toaster to go online and share that opinion with the world.

Well, I do like a bit of toast myself, but I really can't see how a toaster creates that much strength of feeling. I mean, you put bread in it, it comes out browner and warmer than it went in, thats about it really.

But 22 people!!

This means that there are four more people in the world with opinions about this toaster than there are who currently have an opinion on the digitally remastered version of Led Zeppelins seminal live album "The Song Remains The Same".

Led Zeppelin's live re-union gig at the O2 arena was a world-wide instant sellout, with reports of tickets selling for hndreds of times face value.

A rumoured re-union tour might be the biggest grossing rock tour of 2009 should it take place.

Led Zep live appearances are exactly the sort of things that A LOT of people care A LOT about, big time.

But the Russell Hobbs 10617 Glass Toaster creates more buzz, in fact over 22% more buzz than Led Zeppelin's best ever live performance.

Imagine then what sort of response a series of live dates from a Russell Hobbs 10617 Glass Toaster might create.

"Tonight, please welcome to the stage here at Madison Square Garden - the Russell Hobbs 10617 Glass Toaster!"

"HELLO New York - We're gonna Toast Some BREAD TONIGHT"

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Grand Master Travelodge said...

You obviously do not stand on The Square! If you did, you would know that The Glass Toaster is a powerful symbol attached to the 5th Degree of Freemasonry.

The 22 comments contain cyptic messages for those about to progress along The Path.

See also The Ruby Breville and the George Formby Ukelele Grill.