Friday, September 12, 2008

Running The United Nations

Once upon a time the UN was led by the wonderfully named Boutros Boutros Ghali.

More recently it was Khofi Anan. (thanks commentee)

Who presumably was just "Khofi An" before he realised that his suitability for the post would be enhanced by doubling up part of his name.

So, given this all seems quite obvious and easy, why did anyone bother with a petition on the Downing Street website to make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister of the UK?

Surely it would just have been easier for him to change his name by deed poll to "Jeremy Clarkson-Clarkson" and then he'd have been a shoo-in for the top job at the UN ?

Would have made the Georgia situation a lot better than that French bloke managed. Instead of Sarkozy faffing around ineffectually trying to organise a Russian withdrawal, Clarkson-Clarkson would have just pitched up in his stonewashed jeans and said "Right Putin - its me, you & Hammond, we take one T80 tank, one 8-wheeler armoured personnel carrier, and one 1976 1.1 litre lime green Skoda Favorit with beige interior and no air conditioning (for the Hamster) - first one back across the border into Russki-land wins enough petrol to burn a hole in the Ozone layer!"

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Anonymous said...

Get with it mate, Kofi Annan hasn't been secretary-general since end of 2006.