Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Safe Places to Live In Modern Times

With Global Warming causing hurricanes, floods, and all round Biblical levels of devastation across the globe, the choice of where to live is becoming rather more important, and - lets face it - somewhat tricky.

However I can offer advice. Its simple, easy to remember, and is Guaranteed to keep you, your pets, and your belongings, totally safe in these meterologically challenging times

Simply make sre to choose your home on the basis of its proximity to either:

a/ A School

or (even better)

b/ A Community Center

(Ideally actually live in a converted School or Community Center.)

Barn conversions - no good. Converted Churches - maybe, but still no.


Well, you muist have noticed that these two types of buildings are ALWAYS where people evacuated from their homes due to natural disasters end up being temporarily housed. So, they must be safe, dry, above the flood waters...... so presumably if you live in one, or near one, you can be fairly sure that you will also be safe from whatever Mother Nature can throw at you ...

Invest in buying up old Community Centers and turn them into luxury flats - thats the sure fire way to beat the property crash!

(I think I must have missed the period in world history when the edict went out from the United Nations to tell all member states to make sure their Schools (and "Community Centers") were built to higher specifications than most nuclear bunkers.)

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