Friday, September 02, 2005

M6 toll Road

The M6 Toll road is a wonder of modern engineering - going round Birmingham has been transformed from a horrendous walking pace slog to a 99mph cruise on a perfect open highway.

Even the adverts for it are clever - using an image of "headache pills" they promise the M6 toll offers "Relief from Congestion"

The clever commercial people behind this brilliant road have even found a great way to advertise - on the backs of freight lorries - perfectly placed for the target audience (motorway drivers) to see.

Unfortunately these same lorries also use the M6 toll road

So the last time I saw this advert was from behind a huge arctic truck. That was in the slow lane.

On the M6 toll road.

Not so clever now eh?

What's next?

Branding Danish Bacon with "Linda McCartney" adverts through it like Blackpool rock?

Kidney dialysis machines where the saline has been dyed yellow as part of a sponsorship from Red Bull ?

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