Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Traffic in Delhi - how bad is it really ?

3 american soldiers, in full camo gear got into the lift at my hotel this afternoon. From their insignia, they were from the 3rd Armored Division .

The 3rd fought in both Gulf wars and is equipped with the latest US hardware, the 50+ tonne Abrahams main battle tank, and the fully armoured, tracked Bradley IFV.

As they got into the lift, one of the guys said to the others

"That traffic out there is so dangerous - I can't believe we've not seen anyone have an accident or get hurt yet?"

QED I believe...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing as it sounds there is actually a driving test in India. Perhaps part of it is to surgically remove consideration for other road users.

The three things required for driving in Delhi:

Good brakes
Good horn
Good luck!