Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans

Snipped from The BBC website

President Bush's aircraft circled low over the stricken region on Wednesday as it flew him to Washington, ending his month-long break in Texas a few days earlier than scheduled.

As he passed over towns whose rooftops alone remained visible above flood waters, Mr Bush said:

"It's devastating. It's got to be doubly devastating on the ground."

Smart. Some might even say perceptive. Clever guy...

..but it would also be fair to say that being "on the ground" in the worse natural disaster ever to hit the US is probably just a teeny-weeny bit more than "doubly" as bad as flying above it in Airforce One and then going back to your 10,000 acre oil billionaires ranch to resume your holiday...?

Maybe he really isn't able to count beyond 2 ?

(I have tried to avoid mentioning Mr B on this blog, as it seems almost a blog-pulsary thing to do, however this was just too much to pass up.)


Angel said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. You have a very odd but quite interesting sense of humor. Keep up your blogs so that those of us who read them can have a little laugh every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

But not as intelligent as the Brit MI concerning the pre-war Iraq military intelligence.

Better to say something kind concerning the people involved in that terrible and horrendous situation along the Gulf.

I think President Bush is also in a bit of shock and genuinely feeling the pain of our people there.

Reminds me of the terrible Mississippi-Missouri river floods of around 1993 or so, maybe the late 1980s, not to mention th recent tsunami.

Devastating is putting it lightly. Death and destruction wherever and however it occurs is not a pretty sight nor experience.

But some people never experience these things.

Cheers, Chris