Saturday, September 10, 2005

Russian Shoe Gallery

Moscow is the only city in the world Carrie from "Sex in the City" would come home from without buying any new shoes.

This is why...


SwissLady said...

I have been there, I have seen it...and they claim that the shoes are the latest fashion from London...strange, I have never seen them here and I do live in London!!!

Anonymous said...

Who eve put those pictures on this blog is full of bull sh*t. I can choose the worse styles in any country, but it doesn't mean that all the shoes and styles are like that. Moscow has a different viriety of shoes and most of them HOT. So please stop BullSh*ting. Thank you.

Foot Sexy said...

I too have an fetish for easten european womens feet. In fact, why not view my

Foot Sexy said...

...sorry about that, but the sight of those Muscovite ankles made me soil my keyboard.

As I was saying, please come and join our community. There are many like us, how have this fascination. Do you have more pictures I could see? Didn't the subjects mind you photographing their feet?

I have some excellent pre-Glasnost shots of women pilots in boots.

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