Monday, September 11, 2006

Polish Immigrants

The entire UK media is becoming obsessed with Polish Immigrants, who are apparently fleeing in their millions from Poland, and all are coming to set up as self employed cleaners, nannies and builders in the London Borough of Hammersmith.

Soon Poland will be a deserted wasteland, with rows of empty houses, almost entirely denuded of population and with the few poor souls remaining roaming around in crumpled clothes as their half feral children roam the streets dodging between streams of water pouring out of leaky guttering, as there will be no-one left in Poland with the necessary skills of ironing, childcare and minor property maintainance.

Meanwhile Hammersmith will become a pristine beacon of city perfection, with every house featuring at least 2 or 3 different loft extensions. There will be stiff competition between the female and male Polish populations as supply exceeds demand and competing teams of Polish craftsmen start muscling in on the cleaners work, offering to completely replaster rooms and build new fitted furniture as an alternative to dusting.

As 95% of the population of Hammersmith will shortly be Polish, there will be no opportunity for the Polish immigrants to integrate and interbreed with the UK population, and so evolution will in turn create a new super-breed of Polish worker capable of both cleaning, ironing and sanding an original oak door all at the same time.


Prague Sniper said...

Polscy robotnicy są lepszymi w świat i Polskie dziewczyny są lepsze w łóżku.

Anonymous said...

If I make me self homeless I,m homeless poles can leave their homes come here and get a house.
Sominks wrong somewhere