Friday, September 08, 2006

Ricky Gervais' Extras Takes over The Real World

One episode of the Ricky Gervais series "Extras" featured East Enders "hard man" Ross Kemp.

The whole series is built around famous people playing parodies of themselves.

It veers from the seriously famous (Bowie, A-List Hollywood stars) to Ross Kemp Les Dennis and soon Keith Chegwin

In the Radisson Hotel in Moscow, the board you see on the left appears in reception, listing the "famous"people who have stayed there:

Some of the notables are:

Both Cinton and Bush have stayed there. Both are pretty famous, by any measure you care to use or apply

Sharon Stone. Hollywood A-lister, actress and also tireless charity worker. Famous? Check.

Claudia Schiffer - One of the worlds top Supermodels - and for many years a face on every billboard in Russia - certainly famous.

Let there be Rock! Famous once in the West, and still massive market for their 3-chord anthems in Russia, Deep Purple are Big in Japan, and bigger still in Moscow even now.

And finally, the latest addition:

How did this happen?

Was an eagle-eyed Slavic receptionist also a fan of illegally downloaded episodes of Eastenders?

Was an ex-KGB bellman also someone who had secretly aspired to join the SAS and had been a underground fan of the Kemp-meister's later works in homage and training for his defection?

Did our Ross tell them himself, and use his intimidating East End Gangster look to bully his way onto the board...?

Did he - or th ehotel - add "Actor" after his name?

Or is the power of the Gervais/Merchant/Pilkington podcast now so all-pervaisive that even Moscow Hotels are no longer immune...?

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