Sunday, July 10, 2005

Koreas Tourist Initiative

An article in the Daily Telegraph travel section this Saturday said that as part of an initiative to boost tourism, South Korea has decided to remove large amounts of barbed wire (used to prevent North Korean spies infiltrating the country) from a number of their beaches.

Clearly the South Korean tourist authority has recently added some pretty switched on people to its current payroll. Imagine the interview:

"..and finally, could you tell us of one specific idea you have in mind that you think would make Korea a more attractive destination for tourists, and why yoo think it will work in practice?"

"Yes. There is an idea I have in mind. And I'm pretty confident it will work. Let me explain ....."

(30 seconds later)

"Thats Brilliant! You've got the job!"

Now they just have to work out how to stop all the North Korean frogmen hogging the deckchairs ....

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Drew said...

The area where I live used to consist of a lot of farm land, and there is still a great deal of barbed wire laying about. I've had enough run ins with it while hiking or running through the woods to realize what a painful deterent it can be. I guess the Koreans have also realized that barbed wire not only deters unwanted spies, but also much-wanted tourists.