Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This is For Real...

Musical Madness!

When I saw this I was desparately looking for the hidden cameras.

And how embarassing to be seen even picking the flier out of the display in my hotel reception ??

Apparently it happens all over the US as well*.

Note to Mel Brooks - time to retire. Your work here is done.

(* the musical)


Mentally Challenged said...

Thanks for dropping by and
commenting. Your the first
commentor I have had from outside
North America. You made history!

Menopause chat rooms are all abuzz
about this menopause musical. It is bound to
make Broadway and will probably star Tom Cruise,
and Brad Pitt in their most "unusal" roles ever.

prague sniper said...

I don't why you're laughing at tthis serious subject. I'll have you know we're currently working on a modern opera based on my recent (and rather painful) haemorrhoids operation. It currently has a working title of "The Ring Cycle".

Mentally Challenged said...

To Prague Sniper:
Sh**, there goes seven years
of hard work down the drain.
My version, which I have abandoned,
since I have read about your version,
was entitled, "The Preparation H

If anyone likes movie trivia, check
out my movie trivia blog where
Friday I introduced a contest with
3 prizes of my own movie trivia
software, which might actually work
on someone's computer besides mine:

Seargent Preston...