Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Olympics - Thank You France!

If Britain had squeezed out Moscow, or New York, or Madrid in the last 2 to "win" the 2012 Olympics, things would be different.

Right now we'd all be muttering darkly into our pints of warm beer, moaning about the cost to the taxpayer, complaining that our journeys to work (for 1 month) 7 years from now would be a total nightmare, wingeing that house prices in our area will drop as "everyone moves into the East End to be near the Olympics" / "everyone moves away from the East End to avoid living in a 7 year-long building site", and all looking forwards to a classic, embarrassing half-hearted over-budget Best of British right royal cock-up.

But, it wasn't Madrid.
Or Moscow.
Or New York.

It was Paris.

Which means we beat the French!

So everyone in the whole country is deleriously is happy, and the whole thing is bloody brilliant!

Thanks a Billion Mr Chirac !


Anonymous said...

Well I am not happy. A much better way of beating the French would have been to sink the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier when it was in British waters for the Trafalgar celebration. Lure the crew off the ship by offering free showers or something that the French are desperately in need of, attach some charges, and down it goes. It would have been in keeping with the Trafalgar celebrations; Nelson would have approved; and it would have cost far less than £7 billion.

And the French couldn't complain given what they did to the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland!

Mark said...

I like the way you BOTH think.

But we have to ask ourselves, did we WIN the olympics or did France & Chirac have a "Pants" moment.