Saturday, July 23, 2005

Politicians & Hotels

Recently I stayed at the ITC Sheraton Windsor & Towers Hotel, Bangalore.

Or to give it it's full title - according to every cabbie, waiter, barman, bellboy, business acquaintance and street urchin in Bangalore:

"The Sheraton Windsor Where Your Mr Tony Blair Stayed For Two Nights Two Years Ago"

Imagine - maybe old Tone had been secretly hoping for maybe a quiet cul-de-sac on a new housing estate somewhere in County Durham , or a tapas bar in Upper Street to bear his moniker sometime in the future - but he's already immortalized in the southern Indian IT & Aerospace metropolis, without even having to do any more than just stay a couple of nights and neck a beer or two by the pool!

However the most impressive performance comes from Bill Clinton. The number of hotels around the globe that proudly bear as part of their name "..and Bill Clinton Stayed Here Back in 1998" is now so many they have their own "Billy-boy" branded loyalty card scheme. Stay 4 consecutive nights and you get free dry cleaning on an item of clothing of your choice.

Dresses seem to be the most popular.

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